Get Sheet Done

by Kilbeeu in Scripts and Addons

Get Sheet Done version 1.1 brings redesigned panels for new features.

Render strips - Get Sheet Done (Properties -> Render settings):

Which will let you setup your rendering order from multiple cameras and create single or multiple sprite sheets (Image Viewer):

Where you can add even more sprite sheets, to which you can add more images:

And just like before order sprites by rows x columns.

If you choose to only render - no spritesheets will be created and all render strips will save your files to output location (Properties -> Render settings -> Output) with Strip name.

Generated spritesheet is grid-based. It means it is organized in columns and rows and each tile (sprite) has same size as first loaded image, which becomes a reference for spritesheet's sprites.

If you want to combine images of different sizes, you can simply check Scale to first toggle, which will automatically scale loaded images to the reference size. Keep in mind though - all sprites will have same size ratio.

After loading files you can change column and row count. Spritesheet will automatically place all sprites in correct positions - from top left to bottom right. If you decide to reverse sprite order you can do that wih Flip order button. Initially sprites are ordered according to the loading order (internal Blender's file browser order) and then by appending images (Add more images button).

If you view other images you can quicly bring back spritesheet to front with Show spritesheet button.

If you decide to scale image after you load and place all sprites, you can do that from Extended options. Tile size there refers to reference sprite size in pixels. This is destructive operation (scaling to lower and back to higher resolution will result in quality loss), so it is advised to scale images just once before saving out to a file. You can however reset all scaling with Reload and update button, which reloads all sprites to original (reference) size.

After all files are loaded, placed and combined - hit F3 to save your spritesheet to file (or access Image -> Save file from bottom menu).


To update, please remove old version, restart blender and install new version from zip file provided.

For more information please check FAQ section.