Get Sheet Done

by Kilbeeu in Scripts and Addons

Spritesheet generator for Blender.

Generate grid-based spritesheets right inside Blender from images or when rendering an animation. Spritesheets are mostly used in popular game engines as an animation sheets.

You don't need any external software - just Blender and this addon - which means it's perfectly integrated with Blender and will run on any platform, with any render engine or image file Blender can use.

So if you need to combine sprites into a spritesheet or just merge couple images and would like to do that quickly and easily inside Blender - this addon is for you.

Please see Documentation and FAQ sections for more information.

When updating to new version - remove old version first and restart Blender:

Then Install the addon by navigating to the .zip file (do not unpack the zip file!).

Recent versions (newer than "GetSheetDone 1.3") work with Blender 2.80+.


Get Sheet Done update 1.3.6 update:

this release supports recent Blender 2.90+ python API changes - use only with Blender2.80+ releases.



Get Sheet Done update 1.3.5 update:

this release supports recent Blender 2.90+ python API changes - use only with Blender2.80+ releases.


Get Sheet Done update 1.3.4 update:

this release supports recent Blender 2.81+ python API changes - use only with Blender2.80+ releases.


Get Sheet Done update 1.3.3 update:

this release supports recent Blender 2.80 python API changes - use only with Blender2.80 releases.


Get Sheet Done update 1.3.2 new features:

- Blender 2.80 support

Panel moved from Tool Shelf (shortcut: T), to Properties Region (shortcut: N).

Older version support blender 2.79 only.

If you would like to keep using this addon new versions in older Blender versions (pre 2.80) please let me know!


Get Sheet Done update 1.3 new features:

- removing individual sprites,

- slicing image to new sprite sheet,

- more sprite filling directions (top to bottom or bottom to top; left to right or right to left).


Get Sheet Done update 1.2 brings few minor features and improvements:

- support for render frame step setting,

- slicing image,

- splitting image RGB channels.

While this version is released solely to support frame step setting, I decided to add some development features to it, since they are already functional, even if not fully polished yet.


Get Sheet Done version 1.1 brings new features: Render Strips and multiple sprite sheets:

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Published almost 6 years ago
Blender Version 2.79, 2.8, 2.81, 2.82, 2.83, 2.9, 2.91, 2.92, 2.93, 3.0
License GPL
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