Gaffer - Light & Hdri Manager

by Greg Zaal in Scripts and Addons

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  • Rory about 2 months ago

    Really is a great add on, being able to see label the lights in the main view is a great help, as is the HDRI viewer. Money well spent.

  • Emilien 2 months ago

    I've been using this non-stop while lighting since i buyed it. An amazing and simple add-on that do just what you expect. I only wish you could change the area shape directly on the add-on, but that's just me !

    • Greg Zaal 2 months ago

      That's a great idea! I'll add it in the next release :) Glad it's been helpful for you!

  • David 11 months ago

    Purchasing after trying it on github; after 10 minutes it's obvious that I've been a fool for not using this before. The HDRI manager alone makes this worth buying. Great work, stellar documentation, an incredibly practical add-on. I hope to see more eevee support in the future!

  • Carl Erik Tengesdal over 1 year ago

    One of my most used addons. :) Great stuff.

  • Jan van den Hemel over 1 year ago

    So much fun to use! Essential.

  • Ian Dainton almost 2 years ago

    Very useful add on!

  • oscar almost 2 years ago

    I use this on almost all renders. That tells you how useful it is to me.

  • Omar Domenech about 2 years ago

    Works wonderful. Lighting workflow is so much easier now.

  • papasmurf7777 about 2 years ago

    Simply awesome addon! thanks Greg

  • Rob Frydryck about 2 years ago

    Just a wonderful Blender addon. Thank you for not only making Gaffer, but making it at an affordable price. Your an amazing guy Greg. Works great in 2.8

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