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  • painterhoya 12 months ago
    i did Animated in 10 minutes using a mixamo fk model with no ik set. Amazing ADDON

  • Vyacheslav Sh over 1 year ago

    Interesting addition, invested a lot of effort, but the implementation requires more job.
    Otherwise, the price is not justified.
    In the current implementation is not suitable for comfortable and convenient work with animation and skeletons.
    So I use it to animate minor objects or very flexible objects, which do not require precise positioning. Or whose accuracy is not critical. (hoses, tentacles... in fact, you can do a lot of really interesting things)

    Most cons for me
    Unstable, unpredictable behavior of bones in the middle when moving the head and tail of chain of bones (folding into a ring, the counter-moving).
    Bad keying for animation. Option "Transform" not used "from box", it is necessary to install a one more addon if you want to animate. Transform release strange, because need to keep in mind that he will rewrite the entire keys for all bones when you make next frame.

    But pros i found much more
    + option Pin. The " Pin " function is very cool. I really want and "Pin to..." function, which would also work with default bones or with pin to surface or empty.
    + easy implement and clear scene, when i want delete changes which addon was make with original armature
    + work with b-bone
    + ability to change parent for bones on fly and more....

    In fact, there are a lot of abilities for improvement, and I hope that the author will develop it further.
    If you want to buy, I would recommend to wait for further development of the addon.

  • Akkoryn over 1 year ago

    This is an okay addon, but I cannot use this for animations and for cannot justify its price at this point in time. Its only okay for Quickly Posing a character. Needs more work.

    I cannot set it so that some bones aren't affected.
    Example, Collar bones. If you move the hand, Some times you don't want to go past the collar bone, because it just Goes to far breaking the arm to an unnatural position. But if you Pin it, its not being effected by the body. requiring to keep pinning and unpinning.
    And its this reason why its not a great replacement for Ik Rigs.
    (A ability, so thats you can change how much its being influenced at a time, like making the collar bone being affected at 15% when you move the hand, but when you move the chest it'll move 100%

    (Another example, is that If you character has 2 bones for twisting on the fore arm and 2 on the upper arm, its just not going to act as you'd want it to with this addOn)

    The rig scrambles on it self often, I think there should be settings or tools to help constraint. Like Limiting the rotation.(this would help for the elbos, arms and spines.) And IF it does scramble, You have to Manually reset everything, as Resetting the position using the hot keys(Alt+R/G)
    So if you see your spine is just starting to break, and if you try fixing it, and then it starts to break the upper spine. Just pin everything aside the bones are starting to break.
    (or just Bake/Unlink, Reset position, then 'Relink' it. Its sorta annoying, but there is some workarounds.

    Auto keying doesnt work as stated on the documentation. But isnt unable to at least set it a hot key, without digging through a Pie menu every bone is very annoying. And is the biggest reason why its very difficult to use and cannot recommend it in this current state.

    I can see where this addon wants to go, but it falls short.
    This addon is ment to Speed up rigging to animation. But its to difficult to animate. There is to much Counter-Animation Involved. Rigs will not act appropriate.

    So wait till issues are fixed, features are added, or price is dropped.

    • Bohdan Diachenko over 1 year ago

      To insert keyframe on transforms you actually can set up a hotkey.
      As for pinning, you can key this property on all selected bones at once from pie menu.You don't need to call it for each bone .

      As for posing ,with current solver bone chains act like rops,which is not always convinient.
      In the next update i want to introduce a new solver.It will have a mode similar to standart IK solver.
      That should resolve described problems.

  • Allen Lee Grippin over 1 year ago

    OK, I bought your new addon. Now please update Ragdoll ! lol

    About this addon: It is BAD ASS. It creates a full-body IK with dynamic parenting features, and it does this by unparenting every bone in the chain (or selected bones if you prefer). At first I was worried about this (for game development, parented bones are important)... but it actually allows you to un-link the tool and restore parenting! This is perfect.

    Using this tool, a skilled animator is guaranteed to be capable of some pretty crazy stuff, and easily. Thanks for the tool.

    • Bohdan Diachenko over 1 year ago

      Your welcome :D
      Ragdoll Tools updating ██░░░░░░░░ 20%

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