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Character rigging and animation are quite complex nowadays.
This addon is another attempt to make it simpler.

Here is the manual, issue tracker and some videos about this addon


  • Turn basic armature into the animation ready rig in a couple of clicks
  • A more intuitive way to pose and animate a model

  • Bones can be pinned
  • You can change root bone on the fly
  • Character skeleton may have loops

  • The rig can split into parts during the animation

  • You can animate objects in the same way as bones

  • Most of the features can be accessed from the pie menu

Buying this addon you support its further development and my trip to Wacken 2020

Development plan

  • Improve solver
  • Add free form posing mode (like in bone edit mode, but with squash and stretch)
  • Retargeting tools
  • Bunch of features for posing and animation that are hard to describe using words
  • Make solver take into account Blender constraints (especially Shrinkwrap Constraint)
  • Improve performance ( it's quite low now, see Optimization section of manual)
  • Constraint limits


If you have any ideas, questions or anything else to say, you can use this thread

Also, check out my GitHub and Artstation

Have a nice day :D