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Install the addon and activate Cell Fracture internal addon

Setup your scene and select the object you want to break. go to the frame you want it to append.

Use the Fracture button. setup the number of bloks you want and the other options. click OK

If the fracture is ok for you, click on the Break button right after. Do not deselect or select anything else before! If the fracture is not satisfying, ctrl-Z and try other settings.

You can select some blocks and slide left or right the twin keyframes to retime their break event.

In the option menu:

timeline: You can use another timeline for simultation and final bake (if you want to work on a smaller numbers of key for example and still have you whole scene on the viewport timeline

Collection: if not checked, blocs will be sorted in the outliner

Friction: by default, rigid body are setting to 0.5 and are sliding like on glass. I set it to 0.8 for more realism. You can change this.

Autoplay: This play animation from start after break compute0

Bake: This bake to keyframe every selected objets. you will get rid of simulation and parenting. Do this before rendering to avoid bad surprise.

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