Forest Master - Deciduous

by Joshua Börner in Modifier Setups

Creating And Rendering Vast Forests Was Never This Easy!

Forest Master leverages low-mid poly trees in combination with an efficient geometry nodes system to create and render huge forests quickly.

Simply Draw Your Forests!

No more fiddling with weight painting or painstaking manual placement. Simply draw curves and get easily adjustable forests. The Trees Automatically Conform To Your Assigned Ground Object.

Forest Master provides intuitive controls for tweaking parameters such as tree density, and distribution empowering you to fine-tune your forest with ease. Additionally you can easily customize the forests with your own vegetation assets.

25 Tree Models provide a realistic appearance while maintaining a high performance

Since Forest Master is No Addon/Plugin but a collection of assets featuring Geometry Nodes, no installation or unfamiliar UI elements are required. You can simply add the blend file to your Asset Browser.

Tutorial + Guide : DOCUMENTATION

Please Note:

- The tree assets are made for use in the cycles render engine.
- The assets are designed to provide a realistic appearance from a distance. they appear less detailed and realistic when observed up close. This tradeoff ensures high performance on a larger scale.
- In the Render Settings under Light Paths, "Transparent" needs to be set to 32 (or higher).

Please feel free to share any thoughts, suggestions, or questions by using the 'Ask a Question' button. I'll be more than happy to improve the product based on your input!

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Published 3 months ago
Blender Version 4.0
License Royalty Free
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