Foam Material

by Alexander Kane in Materials, Shaders, Textures

Foam material  (requires Blender v 2.78.5+)


-Foam Color: adjust base color of foam

-Foam Volume: How much volume the material has (Higher yields a transparent look)

-Bubble Glossy Color: Change the glossy color of bubbles

-Bubble Density: 

-Bubble Glossy: Higher value gives more reflection to bubbles

-UV mapping required for realism (a basic map should work. I know we all hate UV mapping,)

Tips for foam mesh object:

-increase subdivisions and add a displacement modifier with a cloud texture

-material works best with HDRI Lighting

-Add seams to section off areas for better UV mapping. Texture may appear stretched if polygons are somewhat not evenly distributed

In your scene file, go to file, append

Then browse to the FoamShader-V2.blend -> material -> FoamShader (press enter)

The shader is now in your scene and ready to be applied!

UV map your mesh object and be sure to add seams. Simply scale the UV up or down to increase/decrease bubble size in viewport.

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