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  • Martin 19 days ago

    -Baby friendly
    -Sonic speed workflow
    -Great price

  • Kless Gyzen 24 days ago

    Just updated to 1.5 and it is for sure my favorite addon I have ever purchased. The new cloth tool is amazing how easy it is to use, cant get over how amazing this addon is.

  • Ross Franks 2 months ago

    Other Hard Surface addons were overly complicated but Fluent makes creating a breeze. And Rudy on Discord has been so quick to reply to any questions and has awesome customer service! Well done!

  • Christopher 2 months ago

    Really dedicated developer and the power trip version is such an awesome collection of useful tools with more to come.

  • Will Zettler 2 months ago

    Great product, got me up and running in minutes creating boxes and much more for a sci fi game I am working on. No joke, has to be the easiest script to use. I'm new to blender modeling but this made me feel like I know what I'm doing thou I never done it before. Very well thought out. Can not recommend it enough. Great job.

  • Daffydd Morgan 2 months ago

    The wire and grid functions are worth the money alone! This is a must have add-on for me. Thanks!

  • Benedict 3 months ago

    OK so here goes - Fluent is one of the most well thought-out, and intuitive blender add-ons I've ever bought (and I've bought a fair few now). Fluent is perfect for creating incredible looking hard-surface models, very quickly and efficiently, and most importantly non destructively. Rudy (the Dev) is always available to help with bugs and issues you have, and goes above and beyond to create short tutorials in both English and his native French) - he is also constantly adding things to the tool. When I bought it initially it was much more basic and effectively did nice bevels and cuts with a grid system, but since buying he's added plates (greebles), pipes, wires, grids, a better grid system - the list goes on and on. Oh and the new inset tool which is amazing! The addon is constantly evolving and getting better and better and the developer is always open to new ideas and changes suggested by the community.

    TL/DR - I can't recommend Fluent enough - it's the perfect tool for hardsurface modelling and the Developed is an absolute star. I actually bought Fluent two times (both the base version and then the power trip version) just to support his development of the addon because I believe in it that much!!


  • Nmedia 3 months ago

    I already own other Hard Surface modelling tool so I hesitate to buy this. But after watching more videos about this tool, I took the chance to buy this. And after few hours playing with Fluent, I can say that the function to make Cables, Pipes, and Grid really are time saver for my kind of work and already worth the price. Good work and please keep on updating....

  • adhi.hargo 4 months ago

    This is one of the most well-organized modeling addon here. Its combination of shortcuts and UI widgets strikes a good balance for me, not a lot of hotkeys to remember or reams of menus to fight through.

    As of now, there's no proper written documentation yet, just some Youtube videos and a Discord server's chat history. Seriously, new users need to pore over the videos AND JOIN THE SERVER, where issues mentioned nowhere or potentially misheard through the accent in the videos may have been answered (in my case, don't use orthographic view to correctly align grid to right-clicked face).

    All in all, it's a good addition in anyone's modeling toolbox.

  • Craig Horne 4 months ago

    I also own both hardops and boxcutter thinking that this would be the tool I needed but its so confusing for a newbie like myself. However this app I have to say once you get used to the various stages allows me to create some really nice hard model ideas, Not had a massive amount of time to play with it but its well worth the money if you are a newbie

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