Fluent - Stressless Modeling Tool

by CG Thoughts in Scripts and Addons

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  • Ishaq Al Asyja'
    9 days ago

    Well, nice addon. But I don't think I will be fit due used new interface and kind of complicated to learn. Also, I don't feel the freedom to edit in edit mode.

  • Cliff Hansen
    14 days ago

    My one complaint is that because it's so powerful, it can take some time to really get to learn, but that's not the addon's fault! There are so many features, and it really is intuitive once you take that time. Really the best way is to just do some of the Youtube tutorials and start getting the muscle memory for the new workflow, but some of the things this addon can do, particularly with cloth, are outstanding!

  • Luis Felipe Carranza
    19 days ago

    At first I always had python error and the add-on's menu froze in place and I had to restart blender, I had some issues understanding how it works, but after two days I'm finally getting it, and it's awesome, it speeded up my workflow drastically, and I love it! there are still a few annoyances, but nothing to get upset to.

    I can't wait to future updates!

  • Alan
    about 1 month ago

    Very good addon, a lot of bugs but is getting very stable every new update, also i want to disable options like adding a bevel and weighted normals because i want no edges in very complex already beveled meshes

    • Rudy MICHAU

      about 1 month ago

      Hello Alan,
      if you find bugs, thanks to report how you make them. The bug shows up when an unexpected thing is made by the users, everyone has different habits. Like the majority of people, I don't have any bug. Thanks to report what you find to improve the next update.

      Regarding the automatic bevel, you can deactivate it in the preferences. 🙂

      Join the discord for efficient help (https://discord.gg/3uPv3fv) I'm connected everyday.

      Have a great day.

  • Travis
    2 months ago

    Awesome product, it's an extremely intuitive way to model once you get the hang of it. Do the case tutorial on Youtube!

  • Samuli Pahaoja
    2 months ago

    Too buggy. First thing I tested was to make an inset. I drew on curved surface, and the selection jumped strangely, randomly around. I pressed one of the hotkeys to test different mode of operation, and got a stack trace. Blender UI was left in the Fluent state, and couldn't be exited. Needs WAY more focus on quality.

    • Rudy MICHAU

      2 months ago

      Hi Shark2, if you have some problem I advise to join the Discord. It's the most efficient way to find help. We can share images and videos.
      I'm connected everyday and the community is active.
      I will be happy to help you to understand what's happening for you.
      Have a great day.

  • Xavier
    3 months ago

    Super Addon, bravo les ami(e)s... Vraiment puissant :)

  • Максим Романько
    4 months ago

    Great work, essential addon ! Very easy to use, thank you very much !

  • Gareth Mooney
    4 months ago

    Better designed and implemented than other similar tools I have tried, great work!

  • Pete Burges
    4 months ago

    The Fluent Power Trip pack is a terrific bundle. It's straightforward to use, extremely versatile and functions smoothly. I have several other similar tools which are also excellent- but this one just seems easier to get on with somehow.

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