Fluent : Materializer

by CG Thoughts in Materials, Shaders, Textures

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  • Aaron soares
    2 days ago

    keep it up, like what you have shown so far.

  • carlos
    16 days ago

    It doesn't bake

  • Greg Dunn
    27 days ago

    It takes a lot for me to be so impressed that I leave a review.. but after buying this and going through the 4 intro videos... I'm hooked. Never thought nodes could be this easy -- and they wouldn't be without this plugin. Absolutely 5 stars.

  • Stas
    28 days ago

    Amazing tool! thank you)

  • egahen
    about 1 month ago

    Really? It's that easy? Wow! Excellent addon:)

    I hope that in future new textures will appear:)

  • Sérgio
    about 1 month ago

    Great addon! Very usefull to create quick and realistic materials

  • CURErious
    about 1 month ago

    Finally a realy good workflow within Blender which is simple, controllable and quick in setup of how to create a variety of imperfections. Really well done!

  • Bassem Adel
    about 1 month ago

    Substance designer killer ... SD downside was I have to bake materials to import or use in any 3rd party application , this addon let's you create complicated materials in mere minutes and the best about this is infinite resolution , that helps to have small sized files and yet extremely high quality materials , and you don't have to worry about baking or trying to keep your files running correctly on a render farm for example , because the addon utilizes pure blender material nodes

  • leon1991
    about 2 months ago

    An excellent high quality product!

  • Hans
    about 2 months ago

    This addon is another game changer. My workflow is now much more efficient thanks to it. There could be some errors, but they are or will be soon fixable for I trust this seller if that is not clear.

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Published 2 months ago
Software Version 2.93
Render Engine Used cycles, eevee
License GPL
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