by Beniamino Della Torre in Scripts and Addons

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  • Coyote Visions 4 days ago

    Though I am just starting to work with the Flared add-on, I am impressed so far. It is a great time-saver, and, as others have indicated, it is fun. An easy recommendation to make.

    • Beniamino Della Torre 4 days ago

      Thank you for your rating, these words are fuel for our engine!

  • ken takahashi 5 days ago


    • Beniamino Della Torre 5 days ago

      Thank you Ken, we'll make our best to improve Flared _/|\_

  • hentai dude 17 days ago

    love it! much quicker and fun than using a glare node or post processing in after effects!

    • Beniamino Della Torre 17 days ago

      Thank you for your rating, it's our goal: real-time preview in the Blender viewport without the compositor :-)

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