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– Flared is a simple add-on for Blender 2.81 (or higher).

– It is completely real-time, as it adds to your scene the 3D elements that compose the flare.

– It’s based on 3D elements and procedural textures, so it’s resolution-independent.

– It’s very easy to use: select a camera, select a light source (or more sources), add a flare, play with its sliders and save your presets (to recall them in other projects).

– It’s not screen space-based, so it works also when the source is out of the screen space.

– It has 9 templates with different characteristics. We add new templates as soon as we can.

– For each template, you have different sliders. You can adjust the dimension and the emission values of the different elements that compose the flare, and the number of elements too.

– Each flare needs to have at least a camera and a light source (the light source could be an object or a light).

– You can create as many flares as you want, there’s no limit (it depends only on your hardware).

– You can use keyframes on each slider, to animate your light.

– To simulate the occlusion behind objects, you’ll have to add keyframes manually to the “Occlusion” value slider, which controls gradually the visibility of the flares. There’s no automation in this video tutorial.

- Originally there was no support for Cycles. In October 2020 we have released Flared 1.6.7, which is able to work easily on scenes made in Cycles too (using the compositor). Check this video to understand how it works.

- There are known strange behaviors when combining Flared with DOF (this could cause the flares to get blurred) and with motion blur (the moving flares get blurred too). Instead, using Flared with volumetrics has no known issues.

– We’ll listen to our customers' requests, seek for bugs, and try to improve the add-on, updating it every time we will do a fix.

– We provide assistance only on the stable version of Blender. Please, don't use Flared for important works on alpha, beta, nightly, or other branches than the official one.


This video shows how to installa Flared for the first time and use all its features..


Flared can add lens flares VFX on your real video (not only on 3D scenes and animations). Here is a video tutorial that shows how to do it.


Flared natively works in Eevee. Anyway, form version 1.6.7 released in october 2020, we ave added Cycles support (please, note that it's not a native support. This solution uses the compositor). Watch this video if you'd like to understand how it works.


...about the use of the Presets, light Flickering effect, making the Flare disappear behind objects, hiding the Flares from the viewport, the characteristics of every single Template, advanced Flare editing to achieve different results, could be found in this Youtube Playlist.


12.02.2021 – Flared 1.6.79
Minor Bugs Fix:
– Solved a problem related to the deletion of corrupted flares (it could fail)
– Solved a minor bug that happened when the user changed manually the path of the pictures included in the addon

30.10.2020 - Flared 1.6.7 is now the official release

14.10.2020 - Flared 1.6.7 beta
Cycles Support:
- now you can set up your flares quickly into your Cycles scene, using a new function that will automatically create a linked scene that will be rendered and composited at the same time, while rendering the Cycles scene
- the Cycles support works with multicam too
General Features:
- now you can select the flare directly in the viewport (clicking its source object) and the correct flare will automatically be selected in the Flared panel so that will be easy to modify the desired flare

17.08.2020 - Flared 1.6.5
- added multicam support. You can easily choose which flare will follow the active cam and which won’t
- added an option to move a flare on a New View Layer
- added a little thumbnail near the flare to help to recognize it
- now you can edit the flare initials
- changed the icon to select a flare (instead of the checkbox)
- changed the tooltips on mouseover to make all the functions more understandable
- the active flare is now automatically selected into the outliner and the viewport

03.07.2020 - Flared 1.6.1
Minor Bugs Fix:
- Octagonal Flared had an issue when used with active DOF on camera. And the ghosts didn't work with the Obstacle Occlusion slider.
- We also changed the code because Flared ran into trouble if the script were sourced from an alternate location.

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