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by Thatimster in Materials, Shaders, Textures

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  • Tim Wilson 7 months ago

    I was very disappointed with this product. There was almost no documentation provided and even the installation instructions were incorrect. I communicated a few times with the developer who admitted the documentation was woeful and promised proper documentation soon. That was a few month ago. I have heard nothing since. I played around with this add-on for quite a few hours but the results I got overall were far from satisfactory. I found the assets it created had very high polygon counts and If I tried to reduce the count with the decimate modifier in Blender these assets then looked terrible. I guess it is OK for one NPR tree or rock but not for creating an entire environment unless you are running a network of supercomputers.. I had moderate success with the toon shader included with this add on but I discovered soon after that there was a much better toon shader available for free. It is Paul Caggegi's Comic Shader Lite which I am using quite a bit these days for NPR animation. He also has the deluxe version with additional features for a few dollars. I finished up buying the deluxe version, mainly to support the guy as I was very impressed with his free version.
    I have tossed this Fade Nature add on pack away. In my opinion it is close to useless. I am amazed at the good reviews that some people gave it.

    • Thatimster 3 months ago

      Hi Tim,

      We are sorry to hear that Fade didn't meet your expectations.

      With the latest v1.1 release we have now added:
      - 2 PDF Tutorials
      - Revised Installation Guide (which we sent to you before you wrote this review)
      - 20 Page User Guide on every single shader, asset and function of the addon
      - 63 new assets
      - Usability and performance enhancements
      - Completely new shading style

      We are also currently working on producing additional tutorials in the form of PDF and video.

      Unfortunately we cannot verify your claims of high polygon counts. An entire Tree model or detailed Rock Formation will only average around 2000 faces. If you are struggling to run more than 4000 faces on your machine, it is likely you are struggling to run Blender at all and we would definitely recommend upgrading your hardware as this issue will not just be relevant to Fade.

      After releasing this new version we contacted you to check if this update was sufficient to address the problems you were having with the addon. To this you responded that you had no interest in giving Fade a second chance.

      We have done everything we can to resolve the problem from our side as creators and are disappointed that the issue could not be properly resolved.

  • Htoo Aung Wai 11 months ago

    I can't draw. I suck at Blender. But I made a beautiful comic with this add-on.
    I don't think I need to say more.

  • usedname 12 months ago

    Really nice, easy to use and quick results.

  • andreas about 1 year ago

    This is just wow. What a fantastic package. It looks so great and is so easy to use. And you get exactly the results as shown in the previews. The shaders alone are so great. A few little tweaks and your scene looks already great. The available settings are very powerful, but easy to handle. No trouble with endless node setups.

    The models are lovely done and look simply great. The rocks and the trees , combined with the beautiful waving grass alone . . just awesome.

    Really a great combination of shaders, models and great effects.
    Crafted with love to the art. I can see a lot of expansion packs for this great add on. Thank you for creating this wonderful product.

  • Robert Wesseling about 1 year ago

    Well, this is awesome I must say. The add-on is easy to use, and you can setup a scene quite fast. With only this addon you can setup a scene complete with objects, materials, sky, etc. The materials are highly adjustable and complete to make art as shown. (For scene setup, no need for irradiance and reflection probes etc, but you can if you want.) It's feels like a complete solution for making art like you see in the gallery. Thanks for the nice addon. And important: it's one of those time-savers.

    Robert, (Aka Peetie, New Media Supply).

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