Fade | Nature Asset Pack

by Thatimster in Materials, Shaders, Textures

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  • usedname 13 days ago

    Really nice, easy to use and quick results.

  • andreas about 2 months ago

    This is just wow. What a fantastic package. It looks so great and is so easy to use. And you get exactly the results as shown in the previews. The shaders alone are so great. A few little tweaks and your scene looks already great. The available settings are very powerful, but easy to handle. No trouble with endless node setups.

    The models are lovely done and look simply great. The rocks and the trees , combined with the beautiful waving grass alone . . just awesome.

    Really a great combination of shaders, models and great effects.
    Crafted with love to the art. I can see a lot of expansion packs for this great add on. Thank you for creating this wonderful product.

  • Robert Wesseling about 2 months ago

    Well, this is awesome I must say. The add-on is easy to use, and you can setup a scene quite fast. With only this addon you can setup a scene complete with objects, materials, sky, etc. The materials are highly adjustable and complete to make art as shown. (For scene setup, no need for irradiance and reflection probes etc, but you can if you want.) It's feels like a complete solution for making art like you see in the gallery. Thanks for the nice addon. And important: it's one of those time-savers.

    Robert, (Aka Peetie, New Media Supply).

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