Fade | Nature Asset Pack

by Thatimster in Materials, Shaders, Textures

Toon rendering for nature is hard! Broken shading or Emission shading are your only options and both results are equally disappointing...

...until now!

Thatimster & Wayward Art proudly present:

Fade is a nature asset pack crafted for scenes that use Toon / NPR shading.

Core Features:

Smooth Shading

Apply to any mesh with 1 click and obtain smooth results regardless of the shape or size. Completely dynamic and 100% shader based, no mesh modifiers needed.

Vegetation Shader

Maximum shader control for any alpha based material, change color, texture, smoothing, outlines, shadows, ambient light and more!

Toon Shader 

One Toon Shader to rule them all! Consistent light based shading with additional controls for contours, specular, shadows and border / outline. Flexibility and control like never before.

Procedural Color

Every included asset and shader has the ability to change its color. No need to edit the colors of the texture. These procedural shaders allow you to modify the colors of any material to perfectly match your scene.

Procedural World skies

Mix reality with powerful node groups for magnificent backgrounds. Available for Day and Night with more to come!

Low-poly Grass

Create massive fields of grass with very little overhead. Procedural wind control, animation, color and ambient occlusion.

Toon Fog

No more emission problems with volumetric fog. Shader based fog with simple controls and batch processing to copy settings.

59 Nature Assets and Shaders included: 

BonusWeather effects (automatically animated via drivers)


No need to spend hundreds of hours modelling assets and tweaking shaders. With a wide variety of different nature elements you can simply select any model and add it to your scene with 1 click. 

One Addon, Many Functions:

Instantly add shaders, models and skies to any scene with a few clicks. Asset previews, scale control, particle setups, automatic fog setup and much, much more!

Example scenes (see gallery for better quality):

What you get:

  • Smooth, Vegetation, Fog and Toon Shaders.
  • 57 Different Nature Assets
  • 2 World Skies
  • Fade Addon and Fog Tool
  • User Manual
  • Free Lifetime Updates
  • Good Karma for supporting the Blender Foundation :)


v1.01: Fog Improvements

  • Added ability to copy fog settings to all objects in a scene (with the fog node group). 
  • Improve automatic fog for grass and weather effects
  • Fog is now added and updated to all material slots on the selected object not just the active material