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  • Yusuf Semih Ko├žak
    4 months ago

    Another amazing work. Thank you for this. I hope it will be suitable with eevee as well in future.

  • furryVR
    almost 3 years ago

    This plugin has worked well for me, making realistic eyes in seconds. There is one problem that has an easy solution. To scale the eyes you must use a mapping node before the eyez shader input. If your eye is scaled by 0.023 (A human sized eye) then set your mapping scale to 43.48 (the inverse). I'd love to see automatic scaling, but overall a great and worth while plugin!

    • nm-8

      almost 3 years ago

      thank you for your detailed feedback! glad to hear, this is used. Have you read in the documentation, that the scale needs to be applied. so if you scale the eyes down to small size, simply go to object/apply/scale, so that scale values jump back to 1,1,1 and the eye looks properly agian.

  • yvesboudreault
    over 4 years ago

    Very good model. Being a novice in Blender, I first thought that I could not scale the eye down to fit my model, but nm-8 has explained to me how to do it and he was quite patient with me and helpful.

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