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  • chris2616 29 days ago

    it's a very useful addon. But I have a small question, how to rename the tab in the N panel? I installed it, but the tab name is shown as "NMS", not EV Express, so it is hard to find it.

    • Robert Wesseling 28 days ago

      Hi Chris,

      Thanks for the rating and good to hear you find the EV Express usefull. I gave it the name NMS (that stands for New Media Supply) because it saves some space in the N-Panel. When you have quite some addons, the N-Panel will be unreadable when the names are long. So I prefer short names for addons. I'll take a look if I can add an option in the Preferences to change the name of the tab in a user-friendly way.


  • Manuel Ponce 4 months ago

    Simply Amazing! with this addon I'm creating some "Cooler Type" (For Summer of 2021) backpacks for use in Summer activities. The only thing is that The Backpacks I'm designing are like a snap-on attachment to the shoulder straps. Like a Belt, and the Main Cooler part will be the buckle of a belt. Hard to explain. Because they'll be the only ones of their kind, they don't exist yet. I'm using Blender 3D for My designs and Ev Express, Just Blew My Mind on How simple and stunning the presets made My initial Prototype design stand out and Present it to potential Investors. I'm in Your Debt.

    • Robert Wesseling 4 months ago

      Hi Manuel,

      Good to hear the EV Express is that useful to you. I use it myself with each an every render, so I have more time to design. Let me know if every you need support. There is a button on the right "Ask a question".
      Success with the backpacks!

  • brent kjernisted about 1 year ago

    I have both the Materials Node addon and EV Express and would like to promote both of them. With the index random node if you change the settings by an index of 1 with the "pass index" settings and you have 8 settings like soil, coral colors, fire, sky, clouds, grass, street colors and beach, you have 800 variations in color, and with the noise plus node your material pattern is incalculable. . With the "level correction" node you can adjust the shadows, darken or lighten the lights, and increase or decrease the contrast. As well, EV Express adds an easy setup for about 36 variations with an easy way of adding materials to your objects using the "add global shader" button. So if you want to increase your material choices and the speed at which you apply them, I would highly recommend both these addons. Here is the light rig set up from EV Express in the kitchen I designed. You can rotate move and scale the rig and adjust the 8 point lights individually to what ever color and strength and size you want. And there is a button to add extra pont lights and area lights. You can add smoke, or fog or volumetrics and there is a render settings button to bake indirect lighting, or lighten or darken your scene. There are handy camera settings to lock and unlock the view, adjust your focal length, add DOF and set your F-Stop. All these options will greatly speed up your scene setup

    • Robert Wesseling about 1 year ago

      Hi Brent,
      Good to hear your enthusiasm about my addons. Indeed I find EV Express a time-saver myself and use it in every session. I don't see your render here and it seems I cannot add it. But for those who are curious, here is a link: https://blenderartists.org/t/ev-express-and-the-material-nodes-addon-ev-express-can-also-be-used-in-cycles/1182371
      And if you have questions, you know where you can find me.



  • Till Dumke about 1 year ago

    Great addon, really handy and easy to use. Thanks :)

    • Robert Wesseling about 1 year ago

      Hi Till,
      Good to hear you enjoy it.
      In case you have questions or suggestions let me know.

  • Vesper about 1 year ago

    I just bought this and for the past two weeks it has served me sooooooo well. My clients are loving how the renders are looking and are actually reverting the pipeline of their assets to be rendered with me. There were a few issues but only related to my lack of understanding to orphans in blender 2.8, the author is very responsive and helped me figured out what I was doing wrong. Honestly, I would have paid double for this addon. Great job

    • Robert Wesseling about 1 year ago

      Thanks for you rating, your enthusiasm and patience! I enjoyed providing support that way and will help me further development of the EV Express.

  • griantalamonti over 1 year ago

    One of the best Addon for Blender, fast, simple tweakable. Keep it up! ^_^

    • Robert Wesseling about 1 year ago

      Hi, Thanks for the comment and the rating. While "One of the best" is quite a big statement I think, I cannot imagine to use EEVEE without EV Express anymore myself.
      Let me know if you have questions or suggestions.


  • tofmusik94 over 1 year ago

    Very Nice plugin ;-) Thanks for all

    • Robert Wesseling about 1 year ago

      Thanks for the rating, and I hope you enjoy the addon. If not, let me know.

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