Editable Low Poly Asset And Procedural Sky

by 3DVision in Models

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  • melanie 5 months ago

    Hi, your pack is really great, if you make other lowpoly stuff bundle Editable like this one i will be glad to buy from you! Have a good day Sir!

    • 3DVision 5 months ago

      Thank you very much Melanie for your opinion.
      I had already started working on other editable assets but my PC broke down and I lost all my work. but I will start creating other assets as soon as possible.
      I offer a -25% coupon to all those who give their opinions on my products, you can send me a private message to receive your coupon.
      thank you again.

  • GrĂ©goire 12 months ago

    I really like your work, this pack is very effective to quickly create a low poly environment. Thank you again...

    • 3DVision 12 months ago

      Thank you for your opinion.

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