Editable Low Poly Asset And Procedural Sky

by 3DVision in Models

This editable asset pack allows you to easily and quickly create outdoor decors for your low poly projects. All materials are procedural.

Note*: Some assets have been fixed with the "EDGE SPLIT" modifier you will get a better quality rendering than on the video.

What's in this pack?

This pack contains a light version and a full version. the light version, contains only the editable asset, and the full version contains the editable asset, the park presented in the demo, 7 characters and the procedural sky.

Lite version: " editable asset only "

*New: Editable roads now available.

Full version: " lite version  + ( park, animated trees/particle system ) + procedural sky "+1 construction machinery.

Park, animated trees/particle system.

Characters available.

New*: Construction machinery "rigged".

How to use ?

Each asset is installed with a base to move it and a curve to edit the direction.
Select the asset and open the "N" panel to access the asset edit properties.

You can easily change the color of tree leaves by changing these values, as on this screenshot.

You can convert your own objects into editable assets, simply merge your object to the editable asset and remove unnecessary vertices and faces.

To use the procedural sky, select the sun object and work with "N" the panel to access the property.

How can you help the creator ?

Just leave your opinion, it will allow other people to have an idea about the quality of this product.

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