Edge Wear - Masking Collection

by Johnson Martin in Materials, Shaders, Textures

Add dynamic wear to any object.

Add wear to any object using this dynamic and procedural pass-through shader without the need for baking or UV mapping.


  • 100% procedural and dynamic.
  • No UV mapping required.
  • Works on any high to mid poly mesh.
  • Outputs mask and shader for quick shading.
  • One easy to use group node with all the settings you need.


BMW model by: Mike Pan                                     Tank Model by: Moran Goldstein

Pirate model by: Ben Dansie                                 Camera Model by: Mark T

  1. After download, extract the .zip to your preferred location. 
  2. To insert a shader into your Scene, Choose "File --> Append"
  3. Navigate the the extracted .Blend File
  4. Navigate to the NodeTree section of the .blend
  5. Select the node labeled "Edge Wear"
  6. Press "Append from Library"
  7. You will now find the node group under the "group" section of the add menu.

For further questions please contact me via email at [email protected]

Is this shader hard to use?

No way! All the settings are displayed on one small group node, making it easy for beginners, and flexible for professionals.

Does this shader require UV mapping?

No. This shader is 100% procedural, meaning no texture mapping is necessary.

Does this shader work with low poly meshes?

No. This shader is meant for meshes with a medium to high poly meshes. for use with low poly models, please consider baking textures fro ma high poly mesh.

Item Rating

This item has an average rating of 2 from 2 ratings by the community.

  • Viktors 4 months ago

    Whith some serious immagination i can see it actually being as advertised.

    • Johnson Martin 4 months ago

      Sorry about that! As stated in the FAQs, this shader does not work with low-polygon count meshes, so this is why the shader might not have worked as excepted for you.

  • yvesboudreault almost 2 years ago

    Unfortunately this addon is not very intuitive and quite limited.

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