Dynremesh/Autoflow- Remeshing Toolset

by AlbertoFX in Scripts and Addons

DynRemesh Installation: Install from zip in addon preferences. Enable, & it will be located in the tools tab. Please make sure you have the latest Blender version(2.83)!!

DynRemesh 2.0 Documentation is currently being worked on. Please be patient!

AutoFlow installation: Unzip & move AutoFlow folder to add-ons folder.

Documentation for AutoFlow is included in the AutoFlow folder called README.pdf

For windows users: QuadriFlow path is located within the folder as well, make sure to set path in preferences(quadriflow.exe)

DynRemesh 2.5.2 Documentation:

DynRemesh Panel

Options Bar:
X-ray, Auto-remesh, Sculpt mode, Toggle Symmetry

You can Detect Polygon count of your mesh & DynRemesh will indicate & assign the best settings for that model.

DynRemesh Settings

Weight Paint parts of your mesh where you want more density. Weight Factor = Density Strength

You can assign the Density & Decimation of your mesh to get different results.

Setting subdivisions can also be done as well as smoothing & relaxing the quads after remeshing.

Once you've adjusted your settings, click the Remesh button.

AutoFlow Documention(PDF included in AutoFlow.zip):

Note: Quadriflow paths for Linux now included.