Dual Cannon Mech

by TheMechMarket in Models

The model is ready for posing and/ or animating. No animations are included, so you'll have the model, the rig, the textures, and a default shader material.


The model is built with the intention of being a low-poly model. It can be used in renders, movies, or as a game asset. It is made as "exterior" only and does not include a cockpit or any interior props. The weapons are built to resemble functioning weapons. The guns have bolts at the top that could be animated as a recoil or reload effect. They have ejection ports modeled correctly so bullet shells can be expelled from the guns (as a particle system). The cannons have slides in the rear to eject from.

Each part of the model is correctly and uniquely named (Hips, Hull, Gun_R, Gun_L, etc...).

Rendered using Blender Cycles.


Watch me animate a walk cycle with this model On YouTube here.

The rig is setup with custom bone shapes. You'll easily be able to identify the controls and the Hips, Shoulders, and Torso Twist are labelled.

There are rotation constraints already setup so the limitations of each bone are locked. The shoulders move together rotating from the back attachment point and sliding along a set of rails on the Hull of the Mech. They realistically stop rotating at limits along the rails.

The feet are the most complicated rigged asset:

  • There are IK constraints for the Legs, the Toes, and the Heels.
  • Each foot has a "Pad" that moves the entire foot and all the associated bones. This also makes it possible to move the Hips and the feet stay planted on the ground.
  • Each foot also has a "Heel Pad" that moves the heel. This is attached to the foot Pad and will move and slide with it.
  • The Toes have a Pole Target and so do the Heels. These are parented to the foot Pad as well. I've almost never needed to use them in adjustments, but they do allow the rig to work very well. CAUTION: Making adjustments to the Pole Targets should be rarely required and only minute adjustments will probably be necessary in any case.
  • Adjustments should be made from the larger group down to the smaller controls. Starting with the Pad and then the Heel Pad, as necessary. Then using the IK controllers to make minor adjustments.

If you encounter any issues with the bones "snapping", "jumping", or not behaving as desired while posing, try panning around the 3D Viewport in Blender. Then adjust the bone from a different view angle. I find the straighter the bone is, the more finicky it is to pose. Especially bones that line up fairly straight like the Waist and Torso.

There are target trackers for the cannons and guns. They are represented by "Bullseyes" on the rig.

  • If you move the gun trackers up-and-down (Z axis), or left-to-right (X axis) the guns will track the directions.
  • If you move them in-and-out (Y axis) the guns will roll.
  • To aim both guns (and cannons) left-to-right, select both bullseyes and scale them. That's a good tip for spreading the feet apart or drawing them closer together as well! ...scale the foot Pads along the X-axis! 


Textures are included and are packed in the .blend file. These textures are saved in the Targa format. There are 5 textures already setup in the Mechs material or shader.

  1. Material_Base_Color.tga
  2. Material_Height.tga
  3. Material_Metallic.tga
  4. Material_Normal_DirectX.tga
  5. Material_Roughness.tga


Feel free to contact me through the product message board with any questions.

Thank You

Thank you for your purchase and I'm sure you'll enjoy my product! I appreciate your support.