Dual Cannon Mech

by TheMechMarket in Models

Watch me animate a walk cycle with this model On YouTube here.

This is a Mech model made to scale in Blender. By saying it is "to scale" means if you're using the Rigify add-on, the Mech is built so that default rig will fit in and around the machine to scale and look correct. It looks like a giant, stompy, war machine!

  • Rigged and ready to pose or animate.
  • Rig has rotation constraints for easier posing.
  • Rig controls are labelled and color-coded for Left Side and Right Side distinctions.
  • Textures are included for Base Color, Height, Metallic, Normals, and Roughness.
  • Shader is already built and included.
  • Verts: 16,894 | Edges: 31,805 | Faces: 15,153 | Tris: 32,714

I've built similar Mechs for use in games and movies. Providing the Mech as a basis for your posing and animation(s) saves you the time it would take to build and rig the model from scratch. Plus, the included texture and shader means you are ready to render practically from the second you open the file! Especially for quick prototyping or building a demo. Add your own animations quickly.

The Mech Factory

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Published over 7 years ago
Blender Version 2.7x
Misc Data , UV'S Unwrapped, Rigged, Textured
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