Dragonfly Drone

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Dragonfly Drone

A small Spy Drone with a dynamic, dragonfly-like Design. This Drone model was created for a Blender VFX Short Film called Memories. It has been used in a variety of VFX Shots and can be easily implemented into any type of scene. Fits perfectly into real-world footage and sci-fi animations.   Design

Ready for your VFX Productions

Have you ever wanted to create your own cool VFX shots but never had the resources to create a cool, sci-fi Model?Now you can get this drone model to use for VFX tests, Shortfilms and more. All you need to use this drone is a good HDRI and you are ready to go. Materials are procedural and can be easily customized to achieve any kind of look. With some work you could even use this model for modern game engines like Unity or UE4.

Using this model is quite simple:

The drone contains several materials and has been textured in a procedural fashion.

All colors and settings can be adjusted.

To change the mesh resolution, simply change the Subdivision Surface Modifiers on the Objects.

The layers:

  • Layer 0 Hull

  • Layer 1 Wings

  • Layer 2 Details

  • Layer 3 Lens

  • Layer 10 Rig

The rig is already animated with a basic wing flapping animation

To animate the Drone, simply animate the Armature or make it follow a Curve Path.

With an HDRI the drone can be easily lit and put into any VFX shot.

If you have any concerns or problems, send me a mail at:

[email protected]


Leander Burger

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