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DogTools0.1.2 introductions

DogTools is seperated into 3 panels(Dog0, Dog1, Dog2)

folder 'gif' contains some gif for demonstration

install method: put 'DogTools' folder that only contains python scripts under blender addon folder

video demo link:



Random Distribute: random distribute objects in a cube, cube size can be manipulated with sliders above, if check 'sphere mask', then random distribute objects in a sphere

Shuffle: disorder objects' location, keep size and rotation

Swap: for each objects in selection, move to next location index, when there's only two objects, presented as swap

Align Objects: Use the active object as origin, align objects on an given axis, keep original location order, spacing can be adjust

Set Origin: Use coordinate relative to object's bound box (range: (0, 1)) to set origin, for example, (0.5, 0.5, 0.5) represent the center of bound box



Rotate: Discrete Rotation, plus a delta to the rotation as a step, delta is controlled by slider below, if not check 'all' will only affect the active object, if not check 'local' then use the world coordinate for rotation

    shortcut: alt + mousewheel: rotate around Z axis

         shift + mousewheel: rotate around X axis

         ctrl + mousewheel: rotate around Y axis    

Resize_Delta: Discrete Resize, plus a delta to objects' size, delta is controlled by slider above, can preview current size of object in the slider above

Resize_Fixed: Resize objects to fixed size



Fly: fly mode that imitate UE4's fly mode, can adjust flying speed by slider above

    shortcut: hold rightmouse: enter fly mode,

        release rightmouse: exit fly mode,

        mouse drag: rotate view

        W: forward, A: left, S: back, D: right, Q: down, E: up

        mousewheel: change flying speed

Push_Pull: move objects along a line between view and active object, can adjust push_pull speed by slider above

    shortcut: alt + middlemouse drag: push and pull


Teleport Object: use mouse to faster placing objects(only works for one object), by default move object to face center under mouse position

    shortcut: alt + rightmouse double click: move object to mouse position

        shift + rightmouse double click: duplicate object to mouse position

        ctrl + rightmouse double lick: delete object(can only delete mesh)

    options: snap to center: whether teleport object to face center

        align to normal: whether align object's z axis to face normal

        z offset(object): whether shift object along z axis by half of its size

        protected object: object that won't be deleted by 'ctrl + rightmouse double click'

        view depth: if there's no object under mouse position, then move object to this depth relative to view

Set Origin: use mouse for setting object's origin, similar to teleport object, affected by some options of teleport object

    shortcut: alt + shift + rightmouse double click: set object's origin to mouse position

        alt + ctrl + rightmouse double click: set object's origin to geometry

        shift + ctrl + rightmouse double click: set 3d cursor to mouse position(don's set origin)