by Dog012 in Scripts and Addons

DogTools0.1.2 is a Blender 2.8 addon to help navigate in 3d view and placing objects by snap object to center.

Contains introductions and gif demonstrations, you can also download the chess asset I made myself.

Remember to first look at 'readme.txt' before you install, it contains the shortcut and some instructions.


  1. Random distribute objects and shuffle
  2. Align objects with spacing
  3. Set objects' origin relative to object's bound box
  4. Discrete rotation using mouse wheel
  5. Simple resize objects
  6. Use mouse to teleport object, duplicate object and delete object
  7. A ue4 like fly mode
  8. Use mouse to set object's origin

Video Demo:


You can use it to play chess with your friends, I will update this addon when I have some new ideas. Free for update.