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  • marcos
    8 months ago

    Only two colors. So you end up with only one color if you want to calculate the distance of only one surface that is all positive to another.
    If your mesh is dense then there is no way to use the "Show distances" because the numbers are too clogged up/very dense to distinguished them.
    One more thing it could've been added is some sort of real-time measurements after modifying the transforms. I know the possible limitations of doing this, so whichever the method, would've been fine.
    It possible to give it 5 stars in the future, but the add-on is just not good enough
    Not worth the $20 bucks.


      3 months ago

      Hi Marcos,

      Thanks for the feedback! The Distance Map addon has just been updated. I have implemented some of your suggestions. Most importantly, it is now possible to use a preset colormap other than a two-color gradient. I have included some of the most commonly used colormaps from Matlab/Matplotlib but I can add other colormaps if necessary (just send me a message). Building a customized colormap is also possible now.

      I also implemented a fix for the clogged/dense measurements when Show Distances is used. It now only displays the measurements of the selected vertices in Edit Mode.

      I tried to implement a solution for real-time measurements after transforms, but this gave too many other problems instead. I used Geometry Nodes, because it is Blender's most useful vehicle for real-time modifications. However, I found some inherent problems with it. One of them is that Geometry Nodes (currently) does not allow NaN/None outputs, which make it very difficult to assign a correct color (and moreover: correct measurement) to a vertex that has no raycast hit. Hence, I went back to Python scripting.

      Hope you will have a good time using the new version and maybe the improvements convince you to change your rating. I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the new version.

  • Amos Manneschmidt
    over 2 years ago

    Did what I needed but it would be nice if there were more customization options for the color map. Eg: it would be handy to be able to pick a color map like viridis or magma (from matplotlib) to get more gamut than a simple RGB linear interpolation between two colors will give you. Instead I have to export the mesh and distance map and then import into something like VisIt or ParaView to create this visualization which is certainly doable but it is cumbersome.


      3 months ago

      Hi Amos,

      The Distance Map addon has just been updated and now includes the possibility to use preset colormaps other than a two-color gradient. "Viridis" is included and "hot" is similar to Matplotlib's "magma". It is also possible to use a customized colormap. I am able to implement other colormaps as well, so suggestions are welcomed. I hope you are still using the addon or will be using it again in the future.

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