Die-Cutting Box Template *Rigged*

by ddesign in Models

Multi-purpose die-cutting box template

Rigged with drivers and constraints for automatic one-knob folding!

UV-unwrapped and with photorealistic materials for Cycles and Eevee

Packaging design can benefit a lot from 3d renderings, either for checking the "impact" of the finished product or to evaluate various finishings (i.e. matte, glossy etc...) before sending the die-cut to typography 

Since many 2d artists are not familiar with the 3d world, I decided to put up a 3d template that works with a 2d die-cutting image and automatically folds it in a finished box with materials, ready to be rendered. Using Blender's drivers and constraints, which are a sort of "trigger" for geometry behavior, I made a customizable 3d mesh that can be folded and unfolded with just one parameter (actually, a physical 3d model of a wheel) AND also has customizable dimensions

A studio-grade rendering setup is provided, with placeholder textures and a couple of handy .svg templates to create your own packaging designs!

-Includes both Cycles and Eevee rendering setups and materials as separate files to ensure compatibility between different versions of Blender.

Just load your design as a texture, match the UVs and hit render!

And since Eevee is a real-time rendering engine, you can easily render your own animation of the folding and/or size changing

While UV-unwrapping is not automated (and I am studying a method to do that also, as a free upgrade), the model has been optimized with marked seams to make this operation as basic as possible - see included guide if you're new to Blender