Data Visualisation Addon

by Griperis in Scripts and Addons

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Addon provides an easy to use interface. Charts can be visualised right after creating data. Every setting is set to the best fitting for your data by default. You can customize the settings afterwards. Setting to customize placement of loading panel in UI is available, so it doesn't clutter your precious space in the sidebar.

Chart types:

Some charts are available for numerical (values need to maintain a position to each other) and categorical data (e. g. income per month). Depends on the type, addon enables or disables them by itself. All charts are normalized into 1m sized cube with axis outside of it by padding.

  • Bar
  • Pie
  • Line
  • Point (scatter)
  • Surface - you have to install python modules in settings or manually to use this chart

Axis settings:

  • Ranges - specify what portion of your dataset you want to visualise
  • Step size - how far the ticks on the axis should be spread apart
  • Text size
  • Axis object size - the size of the axis line and of marks
  • Position - change the position of vertical axis so it doesn't hide your data

Colour settings:

  • Pre-written shaders using ColorRamp, that u can customize (for geometry or objects), specify colour of the chart in shading, depending on z position or make it random
  • Creating material for every part of chart

CSV Formats:

X, Y, [Z] values, first line can contain labels for the axis. Values represent X and Y represents the position of data and Z represents its value. There can be multiple Z entries, then u can use animation settings to create keyframes for some charts from it. There are other tools, that can extract specific columns from your data so you can use it with my addon. 

You can see more complete documentation and examples at GitHub

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