Texture paint with a Layer Structure.

Provides common layer operations in texture painting.
In addition to blend mode, opacity adjustment and basic layer operations, node groups and fill layers are supported.


When you create a layer, a group of nodes for the layer will be built in the shader node.
The node structure is automatically adjusted each time it is added or reordered from the add-on menu.

  • Add / Remove / Move layers
  • Blend modes / Opacity
  • Fill Layer (New!)
  • Clipping Mask (New!)
  • Node group support (New!)
  • Solo layer display (New!)
  • Switch to Emission Shader ← → Principled BSDF (New!)


This version has add-ons from other authors that were the original.
It looks like it hasn't been updated for a while, so I updated it and added some features.

A free version is also available.
Proceeds will help in the development of this derivative version.


  • David DiGioia
  • Alexander Belyakov
  • Bookyakuno (This Version )


old versions.

The original author's distribution link and older versions can be found in the zip file in this thread.



Published 25 days ago
Software Version 2.93, 3.0
License GPL
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