Curves To Mesh

by Mark Kingsnorth in Scripts and Addons

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  • Igor Verkhovodov about 1 month ago

    Very useful tool. Thank you for making it.
    I need help on
    1. How to create several connected patches.
    2. How to grab several control sticks. Like on a corner of a car.

    • Mark Kingsnorth 11 days ago

      Thanks very much - I am planning some tutorials which will hopefully help you out.

  • russell about 1 month ago

    This is an excellent product and it comes with equally excellent support. The learning curve isn't too steep and the time saving and product enhancements that this add on delivers are absolutely top notch. Hopefully Mark will find a bit of time in his busy schedule to put together a couple of tutorials to help those of us in the noobie department to get to work with the addon even quicker.

    • Mark Kingsnorth 11 days ago

      Hi Russell, thanks for leaving this great review. As we've discussed, a tutorial is definitely something I want to do soon!

  • David 6 months ago

    First off, this add-on is very useful and just what I was looking for to model different types of shapes that might be too difficult with other modeling techniques. I also want to say that Mark's customer service is top notch. I emailed him a question about how to approach a specific modeling task and he promptly sent me a number of blend files as he attacked the problem. He was really interested in finding the best solution and helping me. In the end, he even recorded his process and shared it online. So not only a great tool, but a really nice guy and great customer service. Thanks again, Mark!

    • Mark Kingsnorth 5 months ago

      Hi David, reviews like this are really helpful, thank you. I have always been drawn to finding ways of modelling tricky shapes and objects which is why I made the addon in the first place. Glad you are happy with what it can do for you and thanks for the comment about my customer service! Let me know if I can be of any further help. All the best, Mark :)

  • Yianni 6 months ago

    The recent update made this A LOT more useful. Before you needed 4 connecting curves and it took a while to set up. Now you just need two in a collection and you're good to go. I think initial set up time could still be eased. But very good update regardless

    • Mark Kingsnorth 6 months ago

      Really happy you are pleased with this update. I will continue to explore ways to make the workflow faster. Thanks for your suggestions via the Contact Creator button as well.

  • createo 7 months ago

    This plug-in is the future of parametric modeling with blender!
    You just need to be able to more easily manage open and closed splines.
    Awesome !

    • Mark Kingsnorth 7 months ago

      Thanks for leaving this great review Createo. Yes - I am always thinking about new ways to make it more parametric.

  • Benedict Varga 9 months ago

    I like it but there are a couple of problems.

    1) The preview is transparent and unshaded. This means that the more complex the object, the less useful the preview becomes. The sports car demo is a good example of this. Until you generate the mesh, you don't see that the diagonal bezier curve running across the driver's door window is uneven.

    2) You can only apply this to one collection of curves at a time which is limiting. Kinda makes me wish this was a modifier.

    But in the end, I give this five stars because Blender really needs something like this and the developer seems to be very committed. :-)

    • Mark Kingsnorth 7 months ago

      Thanks Benedict for the good review and in response to to your comments

      1) The opengl drivers for Blender only allow for one type of transparency, so this is why I also introduced the Animation Nodes version which can give you an interactive live preview of the mesh.

      2) Blender's programming interface does not currently allow me to create a modifier so this is why I made the live preview to make it as interactive as possible. I could make the add-on work with more than one collection though. I will put this on a plan for a future update!

      Again, thank you for the 5-star review as it keeps me motivated to continue to improve the product.

  • Marc Quentel 9 months ago

    Excellent addon. Facilite le boulot. La topologie générée est très propre. Travail avec aperçu "live".

    • Mark Kingsnorth 7 months ago

      Marc - Merci beaucoup d'avoir pris le temps de laisser cette excellente critique. Heureux que vous soyez satisfait de ce module complémentaire et de sa topologie.

  • Jan Kozerski 10 months ago

    Fantastic plugin, game changer for me specially that I'm coming from Rhino3d.
    Strongly recommended !!!

    • Mark Kingsnorth 7 months ago

      Jan, very happy you are pleased with this product. Thank you for taking the time to leave your review.

  • Pavel Panek 11 months ago

    Excellent tool, very easy to learn (just watch the video and play around with it for an hour or two). I'm using it regularly to model hulls of ships and I'm happy with the results.

    • Mark Kingsnorth 7 months ago

      Thanks Pavel, reviews like this really help!

  • Stefan 12 months ago

    This plugin is an invaluable help in my car modeling process, it is extremely easy to set up shrinkwrap cages for smooth surfaces across panels.

    • Mark Kingsnorth 7 months ago

      Thanks Stefan - pleased to have been able to help you out. Thanks for leaving a great review.

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