Curve Basher

by Armored Colony in Scripts and Addons

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  • sb 5 days ago

    Just wow. I own other cable generators also but this one is so much easier to use. It's a true gem. GET IT NOW!

    • Armored Colony 4 days ago

      Thanks for the review my fellow blenderhead!

  • Gabriele Garofalo 7 days ago

    Extremely easy to use and VERY effective. What more could you want from an add on? Also really great seller/developer: he quickly helped me out to solve an issue the very next day from my request. I wish him all the best.

    • Armored Colony 7 days ago

      Everyone must be happy!

  • abedd 9 days ago

    Can't give you 6 stars for this, 5 is the max. Which is a shame, cause this addon is beyond supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Very powerful addon, yet easy to use. I've never been so satisfied with an addon my life!

    • Armored Colony 9 days ago

      Im tearing up, thank you. I'm still planning on adding more features.

  • Paolo Olivari 9 days ago

    This is such a great addon, perfection.

    • Armored Colony 9 days ago

      And we're not finished yet!

  • Vesper 16 days ago

    What the #(#%&($ This is fantastic, I was using cablerator before this and you have just made the solution unbelievably easy. I bought this and tried it right away and I am blown away by your Addon. I love the presets, the gravity option you have really created a standard. I am a 1000$ purchaser on the market, and I have to say you have a tremendous tool here. TBH I bought it skeptical, that I would run into an error, that no way it was that fluid or did was I proven wrong. I wish there was a way to post images in the reviews...Great Job.

    • Armored Colony 16 days ago

      I'm so happy to read about your experience, I'm always critical of my work and it put's me at ease to know that I'm not completely worthless :P

      If you do run into issues then don't be afraid of reaching out. I want to make it the best tool it can be and keep things fun and as uncomplicated as possible.

      I work on this addon every day (even if it's just cleaning up the code) and I already have some ideas for the next release (v1.4) that I know you're gonna like!

  • tcwik 16 days ago

    Great Tool!! more presets please ;] ... from 1 to 9 is very welcomed.

    • Armored Colony 16 days ago

      Thanks, do you have a favorite preset?

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