Condensation Generator

by PalmPix in Scripts and Addons

When you select the object and click the "Generate" button the add-on will generate a particle system and create an instanced sphere if it doesn't already exist.

If you get this error you didn't select the object:

Sometimes particles will disappear if you go into different modes (edit mode, vertex paint mode etc.) but that is only due to blender's viewport system. To get them back just move the frame.

To set the material of the droplets you select the object named "DropletParticleSystem_InstanceObject" which is just an object that is instanced at particles.

Iterations will be equal to amount of droplets when possible.

Minimum size and maximum size define the maximum and minimum size of the droplets. (Minimum size must always be less than the maximum size)

If you have any problems/questions contact me here on blender market or:

My Gmail: [email protected]

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Blender Version 3.0, 3.1, 3.2
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