by John Roper in Scripts and Addons

Color Grading In Record Time

ColorMaster is the only full workflow for color management inside of Blender. ColorMaster adds a convenient image-based  GUI to Blender's color management tools. It allows you to import your own looks as well as edit existing looks by using controls such as view transform, exposure, gamma, and curves. On top of this, you can save your entire setup as a preset for later use. ColorMaster is compatible with both Blender's built-in color profiles as well as Troy James Sobotka's Filmic Blender looks.


v1.0 - Initial release.

v1.2 - Added other grading tools from color management.

v1.5 - Updated the preview images to make them load faster.

v1.7 - Added look name captions.

v2.0 - Added left/right buttons and a considerable speed boost.

v2.2 - Added presets and fixed bug where image preview would not update if the look was changed. Also fixed errors with the Republic and Kodak Gold looks.

v2.5 - Added presets that come with the addon.

v3.0 - Added the ability to import your own cube LUTs.

v3.5 - Replaced the old preview images with newer images that are more clear and added two new looks, Faded Mute, and Wonderland.

v4.0 - Added Troy James Sobotka's Filmic Blender looks and also added the reset settings button and the random settings button.

v4.1 - Cleaned up certain looks that did not work correctly in the addon.

v4.2 - Fixed errors from the last release and added new options for look importing.

v4.3 - Updated Filmic Blender and various fixes and improvements.

v4.4 - Added custom LUT preview generation as well as the option to reload all preview images also various bug fixes and speed and UI improvements.

v5.0 - Refactored to work with Blender 2.79. Expanded the look import options to support more LUT types. Fixed a number of bugs related to the UI and new Filmic presets in Blender.

v5.1 - Fixed bug where the previews could not be found on Linux or non-standard blender installation locations.

v5.2 - Add support for Blender 2.8x and update the image used for previews.