coffee-table books

by StruffelProductions in Models

Give your tables a purpose!

No living room is complete without a nice coffee table in front of the couch, and no coffee table makes sense without anything on it. So why not populate them with a few magazines? This set contains three coffee-table books, including several different designs!

What you get:

Let's take at the included assets in a little bit more detail:

This magazine is facing upside, perfect for the top of a table. It puts a high focus on the articles and imagery on the inside and the structure of the binding.

This magazine has been put down by a reader who presumably got interrupted or carried away, making it perfect for creating a busy atmosphere or "creative chaos".

Simply a closed magazine, great for making a stack of them, for example in a waiting room or Kiosk.

So what about the designs?

This set comes with 6 different designs for the models, plus some different variations, such as coffee stains.

Watch the Speedart!

Take a look at the creation process:

How to import the assets into your scene

  1. Unpack the .zip-file you downloaded
  2. Open the project you want to import the model(s) into
  3. Click on "File" > "Append"
  4. Navigate to the folder you unpacked the .zip into, then to "blend" > "magazines01.blend"
  5. Go to "Object"
  6. Select one of the variants (01-03) and click on "Append from Libary"

How to change the designs

  1. Select the object whose textures you wish to change
  2. Select either the material "CoffeeTableBook_variantXX_cover" (for the cover) or "CoffeeTableBook_variantXX_pages" (for the pages)
  3. Take a look into the node editor, there you will find an image node with a red border.
  4. Change the image to whatever design you like (You can find the designs under "tex" > "Designs" in the .zip-file you downloaded)

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