Clothes In Motion

by Xane Graphics in Scripts and Addons

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  • elEleni
    about 1 month ago

    Very nice that something like that appeared for Blender. You are required though to have some basic knowledge on cloth simulation in Blender and sometimes a bit more for sorting out issues for more complex simulations.

    The creator is always willing to help you sort out any difficulties along the way.

    I am looking forward to the updates and more content for the library.

  • Anatoliy Ishenin
    3 months ago

    Bad tutorials too fast talking and no any subtitles ...

  • cmyers
    6 months ago

    I just bought it and I loved the way it rendered the cloth onto the model. I would suggest using some of the communities tutorials in your pack here for sale. Like myself you talk really fast so it's hard to hear some of what you're saying and even harder to followthe steps. I couldn't get the cloth to work when getting it to fall onto the cube. And would be great to point to some videos on how to make adjustments in the physics tab for newbies. I was literally just learning cloth simulation when I ran across your Add on. So I have no idea what to adjust to fix anything.
    Thanks for making this though. I bought to support (and I don't usually buy from here, I was burned on an add on back in 2015 when I was first learning how to 3D model and have never bought anything since...until you.) As a digital fashion designer...this girl salutes you sir!

  • Bjarki
    6 months ago

    It does what it sais and the tutorials are great. Now it also supports 2.93 wich made my day. Its good for us who just want cloth sims to work without learning all the strange settings. This and Simply cloth is a perfect match.

  • David
    7 months ago

    the add-on is quite ok, a little bit too expensive for what it does but unfortunately the library the library folder option isn't showing up on Blender 2.93 so I cannot use the library anymore, which is actually one of the reasons I got this add-on

  • Piotr
    8 months ago

    I think developer need more time with these addon.
    It's definitely not bad but it's more expensive than it should.

  • Yusuf Semih Ko├žak
    10 months ago

    Amazing content amazing techniques and amazing so and so!!!!

  • Kate
    10 months ago

    This is a very useful and beautiful addon. Alexander is not just a great developer, but a good person too. I wish him the best and definitely recommend to buy it and Looking forward to more Magic. Thank you.

  • Istudios Visuals
    11 months ago

    Not only is this a super awesome addon, but Alexander is also extremely helpful and supportive. He helped me and my team utilizes the CIM addon for something completely different than what it was first designed for and he basically wrote a ned addon for us. What about that!

    Henrik Svilling - Creative Director and Post Production manager Istudios Visuals / Lost Legion

  • justin pham
    11 months ago

    my previous review of this app wasnt off the mark my add on did not come with those designs featured in the video,

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