Styriam Clipboard Paster

by Styriam sp. z o.o. in Scripts and Addons

This addon works only in Windows!

Paste images directly into 3D Viewport, Image Editor or Node Editor!

Clipboard Paster lets you:

  • Paste Image into 3D Viewport (plane or reference), Image Editor or Node Editor
  • Replace image pixel data in place with image from clipboard (as long as dimensions are unchanged)
  • Replace Image Node with new image (create new data block)
  • Configurable default saving options: pack, save on disk or do nothing.

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Clipboard Paster comes in two versions:

  • for Blender 2.81+
  • for Blender 2.79 This version does not handle alpha channel and will not be further developed hence its lower price. Also, it does not work with RTX patch (

This addon works only in Windows!