Church Furniture Asset Collection

by Cameron Schmaltz in Models

I am having problems unzipping the archive, what can I do?:

If you are using a Mac you can try following this guide:

If you are on Windows you can try using 7Zip to extract the files as that is what I used to create the archive.

If you are still having problems unzipping the archive please contact me as well as letting me know what operating system you are using.

What can you use this collection for?

You can take each individual model and scale, move, or duplicate them to create your own custom scene. The models are not limited to being used in a church scene.

Which version of Blender did you use to create these objects?

Blender 2.81.

Which render engine did you render your images in?


Help! All of my textures are pink!

In the Blend file go to "File > External Data > Find Missing Files" and choose the textures folder. This will find all of the missing textures within the textures folder.