Chinatown - Expansion Pack

by Deezl in Models

Chinatown Expansion Pack

Expansion pack for Manhattan Modular City

What's in the Pack:

  • 21 Blend files. One for each object
  • 115 Textures Up to 4k
  • 115 Textures 2k
  • 21 FBX Objects¬†

Add Chinatown to your city

The Chinatown expansion is built to work seamlessly with the Manhattan Modular City Pack. You can add details and enrich one or more streets of your city simply snapping together the expansion objects.

Perfect Snap

Our modular objects are designed to snap together perfectly. This feature ensures ease of use and quick workflow.

Here is an example from the Manhattan Modular City Pack:

Carefully Modeled and Textured

We also keep an eye on the poly-count to always ensure light-weight assets.

This pack scores a total of: 

  • 110,000 Faces
  • 99,122 Vertices