Manhattan Modular City

by Deezl in Models

Manhattan City Builder

Create a megacity in minutes 

What's in the Pack:

  • 5 Tiled Building Styles
  • Building Props
  • Fully Built City
  • Streets and Street Props
  • Trees
  • 2k Texture Folder
  • 4k Texture Folder
  • Blender Projects
  • FBX Assets

Perfect Snap

Enjoy the modular construction and create unlimited variations

5 Building Styles

For unlimited combinations

Add Unique Details

The Manhattan Pack includes detailed city props to complete your scene 


5 Styles to build your unique city

Street and Building Props

Add props to enrich your scene


Complete the city with some green

  • The Manhattan modular buildings pack is a powerful tool to create New York-style buildings in minutes.
  • It’s made of modular building blocks that you can combine together for infinite combinations.
  • Snapping together fully textured walls, streets, accessories and vegetation, you can build a mega-city or just a block of downtown Manhattan.
  • This pack is available in Blender and FBX Format