Cg-Lion Spotlight Presets Pack 1.0

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What's the difference between using the light presets as a Blender Lamp and as a Mesh Light?

As a Blender Lamp, the light will be sampled better than as a Mesh Light, but the bright light source will not be seen.

As a Mesh Light, the lighting will require more samples to render, but it will have a correctly bright light source that will appear in the scene where the light is placed,
And it will also be possible to use an Array Modifier to quickly place multiple spots.

How does the area of the light source affect the lighting?

In both Blender Lamp and Mesh Light mode, A Larger area will soften the light/shadow.

Is CG-Lion Spotlight Presets Pack 1.0 an add-on?

CG-Lion Spotlight Presets Pack 1.0 is an advanced Emission Shader for Cycles render engine.
There is no need for installing an add-on,
All the light presets data is built into the shader so there is no need for external files.

Does the CG-Lion Spotlight Presets Pack 1.0 render on GPU?

CG-Lion Spotlight Presets Pack 1.0 is works with the Cycles render engine in both GPU and CPU rendering modes.

Is the CGL_Spotlight lamp slower to render than a regular lamp?

The CGL_Spotlight lamp produces realistic light beams that are significantly more complex than a regular lamp, and for that reason it requires significantly more samples to be rendered smoothly.
For a scene that need a large number of light sources, it is best to use the CGL_Spotlight sparingly, only where its light beam is seen clearly like near walls or pillars, and use a regular lamp with roughly the same color and intensity in all other places.
* A Black Body converter node can be connected to a regular lamp in order to set its color using Kelvin temperature.

What are the advantages of CG-Lion Spotlight Presets Pack 1.0 over regular IES lights

1. Quicker to switch and choose between different light designs.

2. Ability to tweak the light beam focus (spread).

3. Ability to add a realistic chromatic dispersion effect.

4. Built in mesh shader that renders the bright light source.

Does CG-Lion Spotlight Presets Pack 1.0 support the Eevee render engine?

CG-Lion Spotlight Presets Pack 1.0 is designed to work only with Cycles (CPU and GPU)

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