Carvature - Procedural Wood Texture

by Lovepoly in Materials, Shaders, Textures

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  • NoOneInParticular 9 months ago

    Awesome. Works well for me, and I'm just getting back into blender from 2014.

  • Alex Orsholits 10 months ago

    I love the design flexibility this pack offers, especially when dealing with hard cut corners! A few seconds of tweaking and you get the perfect wood for any project!

  • JeanNosh 10 months ago

    Thx so much!!! That´s exactly what i was Looking for for so long. It works perfect! Do something like this for Unreal Engine! A lot of people would spend their money to get their hands on!

    • Matty Mosc 10 months ago

      Not a bad idea, I'll see what can I do ;) Thanks!

  • Jacob 11 months ago

    Being a beginner to Blender I had a few questions about getting Carvature to work for me and after messaging Matty I was able to achieve the results I needed. I recommend Carvature for quick, easy and customizable realistic wood renderings. Thanks Matty for your help and creating this handy tool.

  • Martin 11 months ago

    Carvature is a must have tool for anyone looking for creating realistic textures for rendering.

    I am a furniture designer and needed to make renders for my projects. I search everywhere on the web wood texture that suits my requirements but massively failed. I am using beech and there is absolutely no beech texture available, at least realistic enough to be used. Then I found Carvature. I was able to create the perfect beech texture, with (almost) no effort. Since I am a beginner in Blender, I was kindly helped by Matty to archive my goal.

    Great tool, great designer, it is a no-brainer !

  • Lars Schott Madsen over 1 year ago

    I totally love the flexibility of this setup. The 3D approach to the wood texture is a game changer for me since I have always struggled with the edges of my designs while applying 2D textures for wood materials.

    Prior to and after my purchase of this item the developer helped me immediately with assistance to enhance the usage of the tool as well so it is totally "money well spent"

    • Matty Mosc over 1 year ago

      Thank you so much for your good review.

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