Carvature - Procedural Wood Texture

by Lovepoly in Materials, Shaders, Textures

Video Tutorial

Carvature - fully procedural wood

No more seams, no more repeating patterns. Let the math do the job. Move, scale and rotate endlessly.

Find your perfect pattern.

All in one

Forget about searching the Internet to find a proper image texture each time you want to add any tiniest variation.
From now just make a quick setup using the interactive texture, set parameters using a couple of sliders, find your perfect pattern and make your model beautiful. The possibilities are infinite - all types of wood or even more - in a single node!

Not just a plane

Finally, you have found perfect, high resolution texture for your wooden model, just quickly UW unwrap, apply the texture - looks nice!  Let's just take a closer look, if it's same good looking from every angle. And? Not too bad, but wait... Something seems not right...

No matter how much effort we put in UW unwrapping, there's no way to make all sides match together perfectly.  Since we 3D model, why should we struggle with 2D textures? Why not try something more... 3-Dimensional?


Imagine a solid, flat piece of wood. Now take a look on a door of your wardrobe. What you possibly see is several planks with a nice wooden pattern on each, combined into one flat surface. How to achieve this in computer graphics? I believe there are countless approaches to get such effect, but from now it is just a very-few-steps operation performed within your wood texture node:

  1. Set the width of the panels.
  2. Add the pattern variety by setting the offset.
  3. Enjoy the view of your single piece of wood composed of multiple planks:


Knots! Don't forget about the knots! Another cool few-steps feature which will take your design to the next level of realism.

Vector Displacement

New Carvature Displacement node allows you to create your favourite patterns not just on a surface of the mesh - from now you can displace the geometry along with the texture!


All the pictures you have seen so far had been rendered with the .blend file you're about to get, including all models and example wood materials which are going to give you an idea how to create your favorite patterns.


Carvature 2.0 works best with Blender 2.8/2.9.
You can use Carvature 1.3 for Blender 2.79.
Both Cycles and Eevee engines are supported.

Small bonus

For these who use two versions interchangeably, please find a nice, modern, Win 10 styled Blender icon. 

But be careful... Sometimes I open wrong version of Blender, because the only I want is to click that cute, white icon!


  • Lars Schott Madsen

    I totally love the flexibility of this setup. The 3D approach to the wood texture is a game changer for me since I have always struggled with the edges of my designs while applying 2D textures for wood materials.

    Prior to and after my purchase of this item the developer helped me immediately with assistance to enhance the usage of the tool as well so it is totally "money well spent"

  • Riccardo

    Hi Matty. I purchased the addon today. I was trying to make my procedural wood shader then I decided to buy yours...I would  never have reached that perfection. Great and amazing job you did! Unfortunately I purchased it  as guest (facepalmed myself!) so I can't leave a review and for the same reason I am leaving my review at least here. 5 full stars!

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Notice: The Carvature is beeing updated. The release will come very soon.
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