Cabinet Handles Set

by Demiurgy in Models

Are the models 3D-printable?

Yes! All the models are manifold, have uniform scale and have no overlapping or intersecting parts. Just apply all the modifiers in the stack and you can export any model to your favourite format.

The stained brass and stained silver material seem much complex and it can cause slow render. Why haven't you bake the texture maps?

I have baked all the PBR maps in 16bit 4K x 4K resolution and its almost 200 megabytes now. There is no place on this site to upload it, so contact me for a link to download the maps.

Do the materials work with Eevee?

Yes, except some slight differences with the roughness of stained brass and stained silver.

Is the model compatible with 2.8x?

Yes! I tested all the models and materials in 2.8 and haven't noticed any issues.