Cabinet Handles Set

by Demiurgy in Models

All the models are placed in one blender file in separate layers (collections in 2.8). All the models have real-world scale. All the models are UV-unwrapped. All the texture files needed are packed into the blender file. You can change the materials freely with an exception of the brushed brass, brushed copper, stained brass and stained silver material, cause those materials need additional vertex color layers. The Cube object in the layer 20 (Collection20 in 2.8) is needed for mapping some textures used in the stained brass and stained silver material, so don't delete it, but keep it invisible. The handle number 12 is more complex than the others. It consists of two supports (hinges) and a rotatable grip that you can turn oround the X axis whatever you like. The left support is an parent object for the second one and the grip, so when you want to translate it to the desired position you have to grab thatobject instead of any other part of handle 12.