BoxCutter6.6: Polyslash

by TeamC in Scripts and Addons


Box Cutter6.6

BoxCutter is a fully featured Boolean system more powerful than Booltool and Hard Ops combined however goes in a direction that is unique and different.

This is not an extension. This is a separate tool. Focused purely on cutting.


The features and workflows developed in Hard Ops are intended to streamline and speed up the hard surface workflow. Box Cutter is merely a concept of another idea that was just too big to be just a button in another plugin.

There is an extensive roadmap and we have our eyes on some very interesting features. With time and support we can turn this into something that will cut a new slit in the cg world.

Developed by AR, MX, JL and endless python mercs.


Also compatible with Hard Ops and other TeamC products. Even the secret ones.

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    tofmusik94 5 months ago

    Very Nice addon !!!

  • Large

    Coverop 6 months ago

    This is so far, the best Knife Addon Blender ever got.

    Are you tired of Blender standard Knife tool that is confusing?
    Well, this addon might be for you!

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    Paul Kotelevets 6 months ago


  • 5e46f7f75f0d5ae683b8796508e70b45

    Wilson Worlako 7 months ago

    nice addon

  • 233ee2bb3ef4b524e57acffc2a944b77

    the3dcie 7 months ago

    Love it !

  • Fffdf916deaa47e3a42859a266e6c8bd

    brent3d about 1 year ago

    Wonderful Addon!

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