Boxcutter 7.1.V : Lazer Sword

by TeamC in Scripts and Addons

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  • zeto88 about 2 months ago

    I love it.

  • Dave 3 months ago

    Amazing Tool!!

  • moontan 5 months ago

    one thing i'd like to see in the future is being to do curved N-gon drawing.
    Boxcutter is an essential addon to have in you modelling toolbox.

  • avbsoftworks 9 months ago

    I love it, Takes a little time to learn all the SC Keys, but once you have it your on the fast track!

  • david 10 months ago

    ¡Este complemento es perfecto; incluso fomenta la creatividad facilitándome aprovechar los pequeños errores que vienen de la mano al modelar con Subdivisiones! ¡Bárbaro!

  • sekever 10 months ago

    Im a such a noob... but this is so brutal !!

  • Goncalo Pereira 11 months ago

    Some serious ingenious mechanics behind this, truly amazing.

  • Siman 11 months ago

    For a beginner like me, this addon is just amazing !!! The right price for the quality

  • Christian Skjutare 12 months ago

    Makes things quick, that is all that needs to be said. You can set up and do all what the tools do with remodelling our booleans however that will take infinitly more time. With this tool modelling becomes more like hard surface sculpting. For just letting your mind flow and let concepts emerge tere is few better. And non att this price point. COmbine with Hardops for a complete package and just watch your creation speed take leaps.

  • Matthias Patscheider 12 months ago

    Awesome addon and quick support :)

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