Boxcutter 7.1.8 : Kukri

by TeamC in Scripts and Addons

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  • Timur 9 days ago

    Can't live without it now! Highly addictive :) Amazing product. Combo-ed with Hard Ops, it's a hard surface powerhouse.

  • Vinny Passmore 12 days ago

    A must have add on if you're serious about using Blender. Quality tuff.

  • David about 1 month ago

    Experiencing frequent annoying crashes, Sometimes snap grid hud does not display.

    Selecting different modes sometimes do not respond and usually stuck on a specific mode constantly even if clicking on a different mode

    Blender 2.92

    • Team Csharp about 1 month ago

      when it comes to installation.

      when it comes to the latest update to boxcutter.

      Perhaps those links can be assistive towards getting back on track.
      But chances are the installation needs to be cleaned up and done proper. I am only surmise from the comment you are unfamiliar with our work in its entirety or failed to read the documentation.

      Hopefully that should get you on the right track. Sometimes it can be more difficult without basic understanding of product use. Hope those links were assistive.

  • Adolfo Vera Rosete 2 months ago

    Amazing add on, and amazing support, thanks for everything

  • Justas 3 months ago

    Really speeds up work and is very easy to use from the start, even somehow easier when you get the hang of it!
    Support was also very helpful when I had problems!

  • T.j. 5 months ago

    Software-wars are dumb but I'm positive there is nothing even close to Boxcutter in this universe. Even for the simple fact that nobody can afford to put this much time into an single addon. It just keeps getting better, and better, and easier.
    In fact... you don't need this review at all, just grab it!!!

  • Robert Dowling 5 months ago

    Yeah so... I caught myself giggling the first time I played with Boxcutter.

    I'm now happily modelling things I once cringed at the thought of having to model.

  • 3ddy 7 months ago

    love at first click!

  • Gemesil 8 months ago

    Absolutely amazing, saves a ton of time and is highly customizable. Could be a little easier to interact with.

  • Anton 11 months ago

    I'm more into sculpting organically, not hard-surface modeling; However tried this for 5 minutes for a different project and was already amazed and grateful for purchasing this. Must-have

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