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by waylow in Scripts and Addons

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  • Frank Hilton 7 months ago

    The add-on works perfectly. The only downside (as of FEB 29, 2020) is that it's tucked in the "View" panel. It would be nice if this plugin was front and center (not on any "N" panel for easy access. As it is now, you have to always go into the view tab to use it. I could setup individual cameras that would be quicker than the way this is accessed. Great idea though!

  • Jay 8 months ago

    Awesome tool! Great for planning the shots.

  • Simone almost 2 years ago

    Sooo useful!

  • gabriel montagne over 2 years ago

    Clean, effective and well documented.

  • Coverop about 3 years ago

    This addon is great when you have problems with finding the right angle.

    You can create multiple camera angles and switch to each angle whenever you want!

  • Paul Kotelevets about 3 years ago


  • Vavrinec Foltan over 3 years ago

    Great addon. I wonder why it is not standard in Blender?

  • tcwik almost 4 years ago

    Great tool.

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