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  • Josaphat Soekahar
    about 1 month ago

    Wickedly simple and the animation it produce looks great!

  • Bob Paul
    about 2 months ago

    Handy tool - that works!

  • Kakic Universe
    3 months ago

    Great Plugin, makes animation easier

  • YeeTaTa
    3 months ago


  • Dinar
    5 months ago

    cool addon, the physics is good, but 4 stars because looping animation can be quite difficult when I have a root animation, for example, I can't copy and paste animation 3 times because it's in motion, so it can be difficult not to loop, there would be a tool that adjusts the keys from about the last to the first, it would be 5 stars. On-site animations do not cause difficulties

    • Morelewd

      5 months ago

      Thank you for the feedback ^^

  • Noires
    6 months ago

    Very useful and well maintained

    • Morelewd

      5 months ago

      Thank you ^^

  • Nirupam Saren
    8 months ago

    great boost in work

    • Morelewd

      5 months ago

      Thanks ^^

  • TheEndorOutpost212
    8 months ago

    As a Blender artist of 12 years and one who has struggled with rigging physics in Blender, but does fine in other software, I can say this addon is made beautifully. It takes out the guessing work, after watching the tutorials you’re golden. You can make stuff from jiggly food like jello or a pretty dress in Disney/Pixar/DreamWorks style rendering/simulation. With the right lighting and stage setup of course. Your only limit is your imagination. ✨💖✨Especially if you pair it with the simply cage addon. I 100%, 10/10, all 5 stars recommended this addon in any 3D artist’s toolbox. I will certainly be buying the Pro versions. Keep up the awesome work! 💖✨💖✨💖✨💖✨💖✨

    • Morelewd

      8 months ago

      Thank you very much ^^

  • Rhys Griffin
    10 months ago

    This add on is brilliant and it opens up so much potential. From hair to cloth to various types of tendrils and tails to overall body mass and muscle secondary movement. I always feel it is a much tidier workflow if this can all be kept within a simple bones system within the rig itself. The best part is that this works on top of the rig and bones in a totally non destructive way. There is nothing being done to the actual inner workings parenting and core constraints of the rig and bones and so everything is kept clean and error free. This is especially beneficial when dealing with library linked rigs or exporting to a game engine or caching into a format like Alembic. The add on works with simple FK linked bone chains or single bones and creates temporary mesh structures for the dynamics. The bones are constrained to the mesh structures and then the constraints and temporary mesh structures are removed in the baking. It’s super clean and tidy.

    This works in the way all the best add ons do. It takes some of the core functionality within Blender and then re-configures it to work in a new way and creating a new fast and efficient workflow and functionality. These bone and dynamic driven mesh set ups could be done by hand. But it would be such a pain and take so long each time as to not really be a very practical workflow. This add on and it’s interface makes it a fast and fun very accessible and practical workflow. Love this add on.

    • Morelewd

      8 months ago

      Thank you very much ^^

  • Ace
    11 months ago

    Overall, I love this addon. However there is one very big downside: both manually animating a bone influenced by dynabones and baking bone dynamics only can be seen if :

    1: you clear the dynamic bone constraints and destroy your hardwork you did on the bones.

    2: bake without clearing the constraints and painstakingly go through and turn off the visibility and influence of each dynamic bone.

    3: write your own script to add drivers to each bone and turn off visibility and influence of each dynamic bone that way you can turn them on and off with a single button.

    4: Alternatively create a driver to a button like in 3 and manually copy and paste the driver to each dynamic bone modifier's influence and visibility.

    I should note that even once you do this, and you have their visibility and influences disabled. When you are manually animating, you will notice some influence occuring on dynamic bones that are disabled if you do not have the playback in the timeline set to: "Play every Frame" which is annoying as when you preview your animation, it is looking different than what will actually be rendered if you are skipping frames.

    Bottom line: I think that these bones are great, but someone who wants to use them in more than one animation in the same scene, it is going to be very difficult to fully utilize these if you don't doing step 3 or 4 as I did above.

    If you are new to blender and don't know how to use drivers and wanted to use this to make secondary motion easier, I would suggest you never bake your dynamic bones (which make your viewport slower than necessary) and to turn off your dynamic bones by holding shift and dragging over there visibility in the addon UI. However, using this method will not allow you to do any manual animation on the bones you have made dynamic bones as the influence is not turned off in the bone itself.

    I highly suggest the creator implement an all on and all off button for the dynamic bones influences and visibility and the dyamic bone constraints on the bones you applied them to on the as without it, many people will not be able to bake their bones without losing their bones as well as not be able to animate these bones manually. For those who understand how to use drivers, this issue is solvable be it 30 minutes of work, however I think this addon would be much more user friendly if this on/off button was already integrated in the addon's UI.

    • Morelewd

      11 months ago

      Hi, thanks for the great review, These points are great but i suspect that there are some features already implemented in the addon that you are not using and that can drastically simplifiy your worklfow. Please join the discord group and Post there so we can discuss it more.

      Thanks again ^^

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