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Ever Heard About BlenQuick Auto-Rigger ?

BlenQuick Auto-Rigger is an add-on for Blender that enables you to quickly and easily Rig characters, and simulate effects on the Rig.

It can export in FBX and GLTF format, compatible with Unreal Engine, Maya and Godot.

Want to see it in action ? Here it is :

Watch The Rig Features Demo.

Watch The Rigged Character Demo.

Just add the yellow markers and BlenQuick Auto-Rigger will automatically place the bones to speed up the rigging process.

Both body and face of non-humanoid characters, like cats, dogs, horses, pigs, cows etc., can be rigged by the Auto-Rigger feature, or manually by using the "Add Prebuilt Armature" dropdown.

Watch The Animal Rigging Demo

Want to try it first ? Download the Free demo version or download the Free Demogorgon Character Rig.

This add-on is frequently updated, and incremental updates are free.

Important note about baking : if possible, change your character's arm to mimic the Unreal Engine A-pose for better arm weight :

If you only need a basic version with less features, check our BlenQuick Lite add-on.

Make sure to read the FAQ to solve common issues.

BlenQuick Auto-Rigger is now available on Gumroad.

Auto-Rigger includes rigs for skirts, scarves, tails, hair, sleeves, hairbands, dresses, and more...

Fingers, toes and hands IK-FK.

FK tail base to rig ropes, FK spines, tentacles, wires, ponytails...

IK/FK Switches for legs, arms, torso, fingers, toes...

Rig Export

Skeleton export to FBX/GLTF format, compatible with Unreal Engine, Maya and Godot...

The exported Rig includes its facial Rig, if you made one.

In the export settings, make sure to check the visible objects checkbox!

Before exporting the Rig, do not forget to click on the "Set Skeleton" button:

Rig Export Tutorial

Rig & Character Layers

Store bones and objects to easily turn on/off character layers to hide or show clothes, hair, shoes, scarves, hats and bones controllers.

Character Layers :

Bone layers :


To hide or show your character clothes, hair, shoes etc. you need drivers.
You can of course add a driver in your character visibility, copy the properties data path, paste it and then select the target, but that's cumbersome and annoying...
On the contrary, in BlenQuick Auto-Rigger all you have to do is to navigate to the driver tab in settings and choose one of the prebuilt drivers.
So basically you just copy the driver and paste it were you want in your character.


1 : Click Simulation (an universal tool that works on any Rig). Easily generate a click effect on the object(s) you choose, for example piano keys or a computer keyboard.

2 : Bones Physics Simulation. Easily create a wiggle effect on bones.

List of what the add-on has to offer:

   -  Automatic bone placement for characters, asymmetrical models supported ;
   -  Eye location locked or free ;
   - Head rotation locked or free ;
   - Fingers close from scale ;
   - Fist close from scale ;
   - IK/FK eyes ;
   - Auto-eyelid rotation ;
   - Facial setup with automated placement ;
   - Game engines support, FBX, GLTF (Unreal Engine, Autodesk Maya, Godot) ;
   - IK/FK switches ;
   - Cartoon compliant : stretchy spine, legs, arms, head ;
   - Prebuilt poses ready to use like T-Pose & Y-Pose ;
   - Fix model : fix your character eyes, legs, arms, jaw, eyebrows, knees, elbows, just by clicking on a few buttons ;
    - Add Rigs : skirt, jumper, scarf, sleeve, dress etc. ;
    - Simulations : click simulation to easily generate a click effect on the object(s) you choose ; 

  - Bone Physics simulation, easily create a wiggle effect on bones ;

    - Rig & Character Layers ;
    - Ready to use prebuilt drivers to hide or show your character ;
    - Fingers, toes and hands are IK-FK ;
    This add-on is frequently updated, and incremental updates are free.



V1.0 :

  • Initial Release.

V1.1.0 :

  • Major bug fixes.
  • Updated translation.
  • Added a "Fix Pant" feature.

V1.1.2 :

  • Improved "Fix Jaw" feature.
  • Improved "Fix Eyes" feature.
  • Improved "Fix Teeth Bottom" feature.

V1.1.3 :

  • Improved bones layers.
  • Improved pose position.

V1.1.4 :

  • Bug fixes.

V1.1.5 :

  • Fixed a bug in the "Fix Pant" feature where the last vertex group didn't work properly.
  • Fixed the "Unset" feature.

V1.2.0 :

  • Stable Release, all known bugs have been fixed.
  • Various optimizations.
  • Added 2 new features ("Fix Tongue" and "Fix Teeth Top").
  • Added checkboxes for the Rig display.
  • Moved the IK/FK switches and some character display and Rig properties to a new panel called "Props".

V1.2.1 :

  • Added a "Fix IK/FK Switches" button in the add-on preference to fix the IK/FK switches in case you have an add-on that interferes with mine.

V1.2.3 :

  • Improved body detection.
  • Added a checkbox in the add-on preference to disable the display of the "Rig Main Properties" panel.
  • Added 2 new options ("Full Body" and "Full Facial Only") in a popup that shows when the start button is clicked.
  • Added 2 new features ("Reset Rig" and "Reset Selected").
  • Added an option to export to Unity (untested).

V1.2.4 :

  • Added a new feature to scale the Rig so that it fits your character's size.
  • Now when you add a Rig, that Rig is automatically active.

V1.2.5 :

  • Bug fixes.

V1.2.6 :

  • Added a new feature (BlenQuick Update Installer) in the addon preference to quickly install updates, so that you won't have anymore to remove the older version, then install the update and enable it, and then finally save the preference.
  • Various optimizations.

V1.2.7 :

  • Improved body detection.
    - Added a dropdown in the FBX settings to seamlessly change export format inside the Blender file view, so that you won't need anymore to click on cancel, then on file, then on import and then finally choose the new format (feature taken from our Change Operation Add-on).

V1.2.8 :

  • Optimizations.

V1.3.0 :

  • Optimizations.
  • Added a new pose feature set similar to Unreal Engine's A-Pose.

V1.4.0 :

  • Added a facial mask to Rig the character's face more easily and to have better facial detection.
    Bug fixes.
    Fixed the Auto-Rigger feature for animals.

V1.4.1 :

  • Bug fixes.

V1.5.1 :

  • Code cleanup and removal of unnecessary assets.
  • Fixed the facial mask Rig feature for animals.
  • Bug Fixes

V1.5.2 :

  • Added a new feature in the "Edit & Add Rig" panel to easily disable/enable the facial Rig.
  • UI improvements in the "Edit & Add Rig" panel.
  • Changed "Fix IK/FK Switches" string, so now it's called "Fix Interference Add-on".

V1.5.3 :

  • Bugs fixes.
  • Improved the "Set" feature, so now the elbows & knees are better align.

V1.5.4 :

  • Bugs fixes.

V1.6.0 :

  • Added a full body picker panel.
  • Added a new panel to fix clothes.
  • Added a new feature to fix characters' body.
  • Added a dropdown in addon preference to change the picker button's color.
  • Added a checkbox in addon preference to enable/disable the picker panel.
  • Added a new feature called "Snapshot Tool" to upload an image next to the picker as a reference for it.
  • The Rig export is now capable to export facial Rigs.
  • Various optimizations and bug fixes.

Credits & Thanks

The Blender Team.

Juan Pablo Bouza, creator of the BlenRig 5 add-on.


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