by Dulana57 in Materials, Shaders, Textures

Does this work with cycles motion blur enabled?

Sadly due to a blender constraint, Vector Motion Blur (the node used in giving the saber the motion blur effect) cannot be used at the same time as cycles motion blur. You can still however use Vector Blur before the Lightsaber Effect in the node editor and there will be motion blur.

How does this differ from your previous Lightsaber effect?

I remade the effect from scratch so that I could:

  1. lower render times as much as possible
  2. make the settings much easier and simpler to understand
  3. have separate versions for motion blur so that still images won't take as long to render the effect
Is this effect only limited to Blender Cycles?

The saber effect actually will work if you have an image and a mask, regardless of where they are from. This means that this can be used as a post processing tool wherever your workflow seems fit.